Since 2016, Dokma Film delivers Belgian creative documentaries and non-fictional storytelling to big screen and smartphone. We feel that making documentary films requires human empathy, emotional experience and basic interest in society.

In 2018 we broadened our work with live production and streaming, working with greatly talented artists, bringing concert films and livestream events straight to your living room. Contact us for a personal offer.

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Zaïde Bil

Director, Producer & Communications

Zaïde Bil ‍‍(1990, Groningen) is a graduate from the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound in Brussels. She graduated cum laude in her master's degree of documentary directing. Before that, she graduated from the Windesheim University of Applied Science in Zwolle, earning a bachelor's degree in Journalism. The combination of those diplomas give‍s‍‍ her the qualities of artistic directing and thorough research to tackle complex and versatile projects.

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Sébastien Segers

Director, DOP & Producer

Sébastien Segers (1992, Antwerpen) is a graduate from the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound in Brussels. He graduated cum laude in his master's degree of documentary directing. On several international projects, Sébastien combined cinematography with directing. The unique position as a director behind the camera gives him the opportunity to look at reality and storytelling from an aesthetic and visual point of view.


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